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Multiple containers offer larger floor space to meet specific design parameters. We’ve produced working office spaces and classroom facilities for both private industry and for city, state and federal agencies. All units meet required building codes and are compliant, when necessary, with all ADA regulations.

Mobile Shower Unit
Two Showers, Two Sinks Field Restroom Including
Toilet, Sink and Shower Two Person Field Shelter
Includes Heating and Ventilation Commercial Kitchen
Honey Processing Facility Studio Apartment Including
Bedroom, Bathroom & Kitchenette Simple Bus Shelter
With Bench Seating 40’ Office Storage Unit
Natural Ventilation & Half Bath Molokai Heliport
Men & Womens Restroom Facility Triple Restroom with Holding Tank
Mens, Womens, ADA

Additional Office Building

24’ x 16’ Finished Interior

40’ x 16’ Tactical Operations Center

US Army

Jobsite Office Stacked Above

Storage Container

20’ x 16’ One Bedroom

Apartment with Bath & Kitchen

40’ x 16’ Preschool Classroom

Keaau, Hawaii

40’ x 24’ Classroom

Finish Interior with Roof and Siding

High School Football Field

Storage and Announcers Studio

16’ x 45’ Combination

Breakroom, Weight Room & Office

Container Cluster Home

Big Island, Hawaii