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Container Storage Company of Hawaii keeps an inventory of

standard 20’ and 40’ containers for rental use. These containers are

seaworthy and have no special modifications.


Prices range from $175 per month for 20’ units up to $340 per

month for 40’ units. Note, there are additional charges for delivery

and pickup services and Hawaii State Tax (4.712% on Oahu).


Delivery and pickup charges are based on a zone scale, with

charges ranging from $200 up to $500 each way. We deliver with a

special tilt back trailer which requires a large space to back into position.


In some cases, our equipment will not be able to move a container

into position. In this case, we do have other companies who you

can hire to make the delivery, and you can pay them directly.


We do offer discounts for multiple unit rentals or long term rentals.

Please contact us for further information

20' Rental Container

40’ Rental Container


Container Storage Company of Hawaii can provide rental services for ISO tanks, but we do not normally refrigerated containers or 20’ or 40’ container chassis’. These units can be special ordered for purchase. Call us for tank rental pricing or purchase pricing on refrigerated containers or chassis.

20’ Refrigerated Container

Container Chassis

20’ ISO Tanks (5000 Gallon)