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Multiple container configurations can be suited to inside warehouse applications or fully stand alone exterior installations. Containers can be joined together, stacked or arranged in perimeter configurations that permit a wide variety of uses.

Mobile Shower Unit
Two Showers, Two Sinks Field Restroom Including
Toilet, Sink and Shower Two Person Field Shelter
Includes Heating and Ventilation Commercial Kitchen
Honey Processing Facility Studio Apartment Including
Bedroom, Bathroom & Kitchenette Simple Bus Shelter
With Bench Seating 40’ Office Storage Unit
Natural Ventilation & Half Bath Molokai Heliport
Men & Womens Restroom Facility Triple Restroom with Holding Tank
Mens, Womens, ADA

Triple Container Office

Storage Warehouse with Roof

Condominium Storage & Maintenance

Facility Two 40’ Containers with Roof

40’ x 16’ Joined Interior Office

Customer Completed Interior

RF Shielded Laboratory

Two Joined Cut Down Containers

24’ x 16’ Joined Containers

Training Classroom

Maritime Training Facility

Four Specially Modified Containers

40’ x 32’ Classroom

Department of Corrections

Force Protection Ship Simulator

Training and Computer Center

Telehealth Medical Project Office

Joined & Stacked Containers