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8’ X 20’ Units with Side Roll Up Doors -  Honolulu, HI
8’ X 40’ Four Bay “Ministorage” Unit -  Honolulu, HI

8’ X 20’ Units with Side Roll Up Doors

8’ X 40’ Four Bay “Ministorage” Unit

For many people and businesses, a standard ISO container doesn’t quite meet their

particular needs. It might be that they are too large or that their storage need require

different access or more ventilation than a standard unit can provide.


Often, a simple modification with a roll up door, a personnel door or a custom sliding

door will solve the problem. We’ve done hundreds of these units over the years, and

they work exceedingly well in solving the storage needs of the customer.


Also, when 20’ or 40’ sizes won’t meet the space needs, we can custom size the

length of any container. Containers are all 8’ wide and 8 1/2’ or 9 1/2’ high, and

cannot be easily reduced in width or height, but we can fabricate units to virtually any

length needed. We’ve made units as short a 4’ long for specific uses, but common

requests are for 8’, 10’, 12’, 14’, 24’ and 30’ lengths. This we accomplish by cutting

the container and seam welding in a framed wall section creating a weather tight unit

perfect to meet the customer’s needs.


Most of our projects are built with used containers. These units have been in service

for 7-12 years on average, and usually have some dings, dents and surface rust. In

order to extend the life cycle of our finished products, we refurbish all our containers

as a part of the job. Here’s how we do this: Units are derusted with a needle gun and

grinder. Units are inspected for holes, tears or leaks, and any found will be weld

patched. Doors and seals are inspected for proper operation and repaired if needed.

When body work is complete, a rust inhibitor is applied to the exposed metal, then

the container is painted inside and outside with an exterior grade latex paint. Color

choice is white, tan, gray or light green.


8’ X 10’ Cut Down Unit

With 6’ x 6’8” Roll Up Door

8’ x 12’ Cut Down Unit

With Roll Up Door & Lockbox

8’ x 20’ Cut Down Unit

With Original Cargo Doors & Vents