Technical Questions & FAQs

Most people don’t need to know much about containers until they need one.

Here are some basic facts about containers along with some more commonly asked questions and answers. Should you need more detail, don’t hesitate to ask!

ISO or intermodal containers are used for the intermodal transport of freight. They are manufactured according to specifications from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and are suitable for multiple transportation methods such as truck, rail, or ship. The regulations assure that a shipping container meets size, strength, and durability requirements and guarantee that the container can withstand extreme conditions endured during transport as well as possess the structural integrity needed to be lifted by cranes or other heavy equipment.

All standard ISO certified shipping containers are built to precise standards. This is because they all have to fit together in shipping and trucking utilization. Over the past forty years, containers have been manufactured in a variety of sizes, but the most standard units are the 20’ and 40’ shipping container. While most units are 8 1/2’ in height, many 40’ units are built in what’s known as a “high-cube” configuration and are 9 1/2’ in height. Some 20’ units are also made in a high cube configuration, but they are rare.



  • 8’ X 20’ X 8 1/2’
  • 8’ X 20’ X 9 1/2’


  • 8’ X 40’ X 8 1/2’
  • 8 X 40’ X 9 1/2’


  • 8’ X 45’ X 9 1/2’

For some basic storage needs, we can sell or rent units of most sizes ‘as-is’ meaning used. Most customers prefer that used containers are refurbished.

Many customers have more complex needs and Container Storage can modify single units or fabricate multi-unit to meet requirements of the project.

Most of modification projects are built with used containers. These units have been in service for 7-12 years on average, and often have some dings, dents and surface rust. In order to extend the life cycle of our finished products, all our containers are refurbished as a part of the job.

The Refurbish Process:

  • Units are de-rusted with a needle gun and grinder
  • They are inspected for holes, tears or leaks
  • Imperfections are weld patched
  • Doors and seals are inspected for proper operation, repaired if needed
  • When body work is complete, a rust inhibitor is applied to the exposed metal
  • The container is painted inside and outside with an exterior grade latex paint in white, tan, gray or light green

For standard containers which are not modified, prices range from $175 per month for 20’ units to $340 per month for 40’ units plus Hawaii State Tax.

Charges for delivery and pickup services are additional and are based on a zone scale. Typical charges range from $200 to $500 each way. Discounts are available for multiple unit or long-term rentals.

Please contact us for further information.

Because there are so many options for modifications, there is no way to relay that information without having a better idea of the requirements of the project. Our staff is happy to meet with you to discuss options and to help in the planning of all modifications of our containers.

Because container solutions to space needs have gotten more and more popular due to the reasonable costs or fabrication, the availability of numerous additions and accessories as well as the flexibility and portability, containers for new projects will need to be ordered about 6 months in advance.

We deliver most containers with a special tilt back trailer which requires a large space to back into position. In some cases, our equipment will not be able to move a container into position. In this case, we do have other companies who you can hire to make the delivery, and you can pay them directly.