Rentals & Sales of Containers

Container Storage Company of Hawaii offers containers of all types, some for rent and some for sale.

Container Rentals

We rent 20’ and 40’ ISO containers primarily for storage use. This is the best option for customers who need extra storage space for up to a year or so. It becomes more economical to purchase a container if space will be needed for more than a year, and the longer the period of time is, the more economical purchasing a container will be.

Container Storage Company of Hawaii keeps an inventory of standard 20’ and 40’ containers for rental use. They are seaworthy and have no special modifications. Prices range from $175 per month for 20’ units to $340 per month for 40’ units plus Hawaii State Tax. Charges for delivery and pickup services are additional and are based on a zone scale. Typical charges range from $200 to $500 each way. Discounts are available for multiple unit or long-term rentals.

It’s simple to rent a container from us. Call us and let us know what size container you need and where you wish to have it delivered. We’ll visit your site, if necessary, at no cost to you to ensure we can deliver the container as required. We charge first months’ rent, delivery and pickup charges plus tax for the initial payment, then bill monthly for the remainder of the rental. When the container is clean and empty, call us and we’ll pick up the unit and prorate your last month’s bill to the number of days actually rented.


Container Sales

If you need a longer-term storage solution or a customized container, purchasing the unit is the best option.

If you require a basic storage container, we’ve got you covered. We offer standard 20’ and 40’ containers in both new and used / refurbished condition, smaller sizes cut down from 20’ and 40’ units, as well as larger units fabricated from multiple containers.

New containers, often referred to as “One-Trip” containers, are units that are sent from a factory in Asia with a load of cargo to a destination in the US where it is unloaded and made available for purchase.  They are in excellent shape, may have a few blemishes, but in general, are good for years of maintenance free service.

We also offer used containers which are usually 10-15 years old and have been in service as intermodal (truck, train, ship) cargo carriers for that period of time. They generally have dings, dents and a certain amount of surface rust. It is the regular policy of Container Storage to refurbish these containers as a part of the purchase price.

This is how we refurbish the containers: Units are de-rusted with a wire wheel grinder. As that is performed, an enamel-based paint is brushed onto the exposed metal to protect the bare metal surface. Units are inspected for holes, tears or leaks, and, if any are found, they are seam weld patched. Doors and seals are inspected for proper operation and repaired, if needed. When body work is complete, the container is spray painted inside and outside with a direct to metal acrylic latex paint. Color choices are tan, gray or light green.

Our most popular sizes are 10’, 20’ and 40’ units and the most common options added to the purchased units are roll up doors, security door locks, roof coating and vents. More and more often customers are looking for complete workshops or offices created from containers which include doors, windows, lights and electric, air conditioning and frequently bathrooms and kitchens. Container Storage Company of Hawaii is the island leader in container modifications and we know how to convert a container into a functional working unit with our years of experience.  Call us today to see how we can help you.